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Mélanie Cyr at SEMA Show in Las Vegas

Melanie Cyr, painter and airbrush artist FC51, was a guest by Craig Fraser and the company of House of Kolor paint at the last SEMA Show in Las Vegas in November 2013 Sema Show artists Vegas is the biggest show automobile in the world. During the four days of the show, a dozen airbrush artists among the best in the world, conducting works “live” in front of the public to promote House of Kolors paint. These works were then sold to the public and the funds raised were donated to a foundation to help underprivileged children. Melanie Cyr had the honor to perform two works that were both purchased from their sale. A very rewarding experience and a great opportunity to stand out and make themselves known outside of Quebec. It’s called making a step in the course of major !!! Meeting at Sema Show 2014

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